Western Suburban Soccer League (WSSL)

If you do not find the information you need on this page, please refer to the league website or contact your assignor.

Contact your assignor with the email provided in your assigned match through RefInsight or use contact form at the bottom of this page. The info goes directly to Assignor's email.



  • U7-U8 (4v4, No Goal Keeper, 4 Equal 10 minute quarters) $35 Single Referee

  • U9/U10: (7v7) [25 minute halves, Size 4 Ball, Build Out Liines]
    $40/$30/$30 (Total $100)

  • ​​U11-U12: (9v9) [30 minute halves, Size 4 Ball]Use
    $45/$35/$35 (Total $115)

  • U13-U14: [35 minute halves, Size 5 Ball]
    $60/$45/$45 (Total $150)

  • U15/U16: [40 minute halves]
    $70/$50/$50 (Total $170)

  • U17-U19: [45 minute halves]
    $80/$55/$55 (Total $190)

  • U19 Small Sided (7v7, 35 minute halves) 60/$45/$45 ($150)

If less than a full crew arrives:

  • Use a club-line. No-pay provided.

  • The absent third official’s fees will be split 50/50 between the two certified officials in attendance.

  • If one official arrives for a game, they will serve as the center referee and two club assistant referees will be recruited from the spectators attending, with each team being asked to provide one apiece. The absent officials’ fees will both go to the lone certified official in attendance, not to exceed $125. The club assistant referees will not be paid.


League Rules

  • Teams are to be seated on opposite sides of the field. Spectators sit on side with respective teams.

  • Collect match cards from teams.

  • Use player cards to check-in players. Players may be handwritten with birthdates included.

  • Suspended players/team personnel should be noted.

  • Guest Players: may pass card within club.
    Maximum Number of guest players:
    U8, U9, U10 = 4
    U11, U12 = 5
    U13 and U14 = 6
    U15 and U19 = unlimited

  • Team Officials must have a WSSL-approved passcard which shall have a current photograph of the named individual permanently affixed.

  • Player roster maximums:
    U8 = 8
    U9-U10 = 12
    U11-U12 = 16
    U13Y-U19 = 18

  • Record goal scorers.

  • Record final score.

  • Record Misconducts (Yellow-Red Cards) using codes.

  • Referees sign match sheet.

  • Coaches sign match sheet.

  • Take a picture of match sheet/s. Allow each team an opportunity to take a picture of the completed match card.

  • Return match sheets to respective teams.

  • If you have a Red Card or Serious Injury, contact your assignor via email with a draft of your report. Once verified that all detail is included, assignor will assist in report submission.